The “real” Germany and “I’ll be back”

Traveling to Ukraine, hardly learning German, getting certificate B1, visiting family, going to a campleader’s seminar and just being lazy – that’s how I was spending my time all those months I haven’t written anything in my blog. But I never forgot about it.

Right now I only want to share one impression from the place the mentioned above seminar took place at: a small town Niederkaufungen in the near of Kassel. Before coming to Germany I had a certain image of this country. But I’m living here already for many months and I have seen nothing of what I expected. And only this Niederkaufungen absolutely corresponds to my image from the past. At least somewhere Germany looks like my Germany!

niederkaufungen3 niederkaufungen1 niederkaufungen2

Tomorrow I’m leaving again, to the Balkans, so no more blog posts for at least two-three weeks. But I will come back, I promise! And with a lot of new topics to write about :)



“Female R-existance”: an international project about women during fascism

This year a project dealing with a topic of the female resistance against fascism and national socialism has been organized by SCI Hellas, SCI Italia, SCI Germany and Utilapu Hungary. The project consisted of three week-long seminars in different countries: Athens (Greece), Ravensbrück (Germany) and Rome (Italy).

I missed the one in Greece but participated in German and Italian seminars. I plan to write about both but as I just came back from Rome and the memories are still fresh, I will start with the trip to Italy.

It was my first time in Italy and it was absolutely great! We (I and my husband who participated in the project as well) arrived in Rome 5 days before the seminar and had time to see all the main sites of the Eternal city and to visit a neighboring city Latina, some small towns and churches in the mountains and at the seaside of the Lazio region.

During the seminar in Rome we stayed most of the time in Città dell’Utopia that is also called Casale Garibaldi. There we had some meetings with the local guest speakers, presentations, movies, meals and we worked there on the outcome for the whole project. Almost every day we went to some meetings or excursions out of Casale. Of course they all were connected with the WW2 or women or both. These days we didn’t have time for sightseeing but one night we managed to see the illuminated San Pietro and Castel San Angelo and the last night we went all together to Trastevere – the heart of the drinking Rome.

About the outcome of the project. We are supposed to make a DVD and a publication with the materials from all three seminars. We will still work on it. All this should be finished until the end of this year but as the main part of the job belongs to Italians I can’t predict when it will really happen. The site is already done, but it is quite poor for now, the most of materials will be added later.

Our free days in Rome were just great, the seminar was also fine. I got used to the warm weather! It was painful to come back to Germany where it’s cold, it’s rainy and it’s already autumn. Now I will need a long time to get used to this weather.