Maslenitsa 2012 in Koropovy Khutora, Kharkiv region

On the pre last day of Maslyana (Butter) week there was a big celebration near the village Koropovy Khutora, about 50 km from Kharkov. The weather wasn’t very nice that day, but we decided to go to have a look there. As we don’t have a car it was a little bit difficult to reach the place, but we took a bus to Zmiyov then there was another bus specially for guests of the celebration, and in one and half hour we finally arrived.

There were a lot of people, several thousands. The main thing was of course a huge effigy of Maslenitsa.

the main Maslenitsa effigy

I will not describe everything. The celebration was as it should be – with a lot of fun, music, competitions, fights, games and food.

Gipsy music band on a big stage

national folklore band

one of traditional fights

kind of Ukrainian khata (house) and women in traditional costumes

Every regional center had its own tent in national Ukrainian style with some food, drinks and Maslenitsa effigies. It was strange that almost near every tent there was a barbecue with shashlyk though according to Christian tradition it is already forbidden to eat meet during this week.  As I always say we are more pagans than Christians, and it is more important just to celebrate some holiday than to follow Christian rules.

tents and effigies

Anyway Maslenitsa is just a lot of fun and pancakes)))

table with food :)

something made from pancakes, vareniki, pies

again food: pancakes, vareniki...

and some food...

In the end of the celebration all the effigies were burned. As they were made from straw they burned too fast.

burning Maslenitsa effigies

burning big Maslenitsa effigy

After burning it everybody wanted to go home. As usual nothing was organized well: there were too many people, too many cars, but not enough buses and the roads were too narrow. So we had to spend one more hour near a big fire eating last pancakes and drinking tea before we could leave Koropovy Khutora.

So in total we spent more that 3 hours for the way and the same time enjoying the ‘party’. But I’m glad that we came there, it was my first real celebration of Maslenitsa somewhere outside the city.