The things that surprise me in Frankfurt (Oder)

I don’t know how it’s in other German cities but in Frankfurt on the Oder there are a lot of things that are very strange for me.  Here are some of them:

  • The trams go only every 20 minutes. After 6 pm some of them don’t work at all. On the weekend they go every 30 minutes. For not lazy people it’s easier and faster to walk.
  • The supermarkets close at 8 pm (only one in the center works till 10 pm). On Sunday everything is closed. When people go shopping if not after 8 pm or on Sunday? At least I always did like this in Ukraine…
  • People greet and say goodbye to other unknown people.
  • I’ve never met before so many people with the hair colored in red-pink-violet and with tattoos and piercings.
  • I hear Russian language very often (once even Ukrainian) though I’ve never spoken to any Russian speaker here.
  • The products are often cheaper than in Ukraine!
  • It is a problem to find green tea, especially in leafs, especially with some taste. I accidentally bought a package of the green tea with jasmine at one Chinese girl at the festival. I guess next time I will import it from Ukraine.
  • You can enter municipality, university and library freely. Nobody asks you for a document or a student card. You can attend any lecture.
  • There are almost no people on the streets, even in the evening or on the weekend.
  • There are no normal pavements! I break my legs every day.  Almost everywhere are the paver blocks, or the stones, or just the earth fill. They don’t think at all about the people! One can die on these streets!
  • Strange monuments and children playgrounds.
  • Frozen bread. Sausages in glasses. Pancakes in plastic packages… All food is just strange.