During the youth exchange “Myth Chernobyl” our group met few times with the members of the Association of graphic designers «4 Block». They are the former Chernobyl disaster fighters (so-called liquidators) so they told us a lot about the disaster. We also used their posters for our exhibition.  And we voted for the best cards in their postcards contest. That’s what they wrote about the contest on their site:

To the 25th anniversary of the biggest anthropogenic disaster of human civilization Association of graphic designers «4 Block» has invited professional designers and students to participate in the action POSTCHERNOBYLCARD. We have asked designers from 20 countries to develop double-sided postcard. On the front side of a postcard was created the image which is reflecting their ideas about Chernobyl disaster. Best postcards was printed and distributed in clubs, cafes, restaurants and other public places after 26th of April, 2011.

I post here the cards winners. I still have few of them, so if anyone wants to have one I can send :)



Postcards from Germany

I already have a small collection of German postcards and it’s time to post it!

die Loreley: poem by H.Heine and a monument

Insel Rügen

from Otto Lilienthal museum, Anklam

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Penpals & Postcrossing: learning to write all over again

I’m kind of addicted to write something to somebody. About 10 years ago I had pen friends all over Ukraine with the same interest – anime. Then Internet appeared in my life and made everything easier.

When languages became my priority I found scores of sites that connected together people like me. I don’t even know with how many people in the world I was in contact! Every day I founded at least 5 mails in my mailbox from different people from different countries. The most of them I don’t remember actually, but some of them are still my friends. After 2 or 3 years I almost stopped to correspond with my Internet friends – shortage of time, new interests… And it wasn’t so fun anymore.

Still I can say that some sites are really good. For example, here I got to know most of my penpals:

And here I found A LOT of Japanese correspondents when I was learning Japanese:

 But now I’m completely into the new hobby – postcrossing. Well, again it needs Internet, but the sense of all this is to send the real postcards.

Before I found this site, I didn’t know that so many postcards exist nowadays. For both of my countries it’s a real problem to find postcards. When I was preparing to go to France to the workcamp, I tried to find some nice postcards with Kharkov views to take with me. It was a hard job! And even now in 3,5 years the postcards in Russia and Ukraine are not very original. Just some printed photos of the cities, and not very nice photos! I think to print postcards myself J

Anyway, I find some postcards and I send them, and I receive another. The postcrossing system works like this that you send to random user and you receive from random user, so you never know where you will write.

It’s so exciting to receive real postcards! It’s even nicer if they are from some not rare countries. I was really happy with a postcard from New Zealand. If you want postcards from some exact country, you can use direct swaps – to ask somebody to exchange postcards. Me, I’m waiting now for the cards from Cuba and Puerto Rico.

And I got to know a great girl via postcrossing, and now I have a real penpal with who I exchange the real letters. I’m also happy about this! I’m always looking forward to her letters.

And of course I enjoy writing. Finding a beautiful paper, add some nice stickers, trying to write very carefully and neatly, making envelope look like nice, putting some pleasant trifles inside… It’s almost the art!

A picture that fits here: