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Happy breakfast by my husband :)

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Summer 2012

It’s only the beginning of July but I feel like the summer has ended. All I usually do at summer I already did. I was in Crimea for few days visiting my friends. I led a workcamp “Garden of Senses” in Kharkov, end of May – beginning of June. I tried to be a campleader for the first time and without any preparations to this and it was fun though I would like my volunteer group being bigger and more active.

The most important summer event in Ukraine, Euro 2012, has ended as well. Not that I was very enthusiastic about the tournament or participated in it somehow but still I was waiting for this as many others. I’ve been several times at the fan-zone in Kharkov and watched the Dutch parade on the streets of my city. Kharkov really turned orange that days! It was funny to watch Dutchmen in their costumes taking photos with Ukrainians and Ukrainians, most of them seeing the foreigners for the first time in their lives, taking photos with the Dutch. And now the long process of preparations and carrying out the championship is over. Is there life after Euro? Will be there something else going on in Ukraine?

Now I’m in Frankfurt (Oder) – a small German town near the Polish border. The center is nice but the outskirts are quite depressing. And the weather is depressive as well most of the time. So I really feel that it is the end of this summer. And it means that soon I have to start to do something serious like working or studying or whatever… Everything is so depressing.

“The Match” shooting in Kharkov and When finally we will be able to watch it?

Now the Russian film “The Match” is being discussed everywhere. The date of the release in Russia is 1st of May 2012 as I read. But the question is when we can watch it in Ukraine because the Ukrainian authorities want to forbid the movie to be shown before the Euro-2012. They think that “The Match” could cause a negative attitude towards German players during the Euro. I agree, it can be a problem. Football fans have enough of conflicts even without remembering the events of 1942. Some articles on this topic:

The Death Match: Football against Fascism

Forbidden film

“The Match” is timed to 70 years after the football match between Ukrainian and German teams. It was a so-called “deathmatch”. According to a legend the Ukrainian players were killed or repressed after they won this game. Well, who knows what really happened, something may be truth something not. I don’t want to judge this.

Actually just wanted to write about the filming coz I took part in a crowd scene in the movie. Some of the scenes were shot in Kharkov because the streets of our city are still like they were in Soviet cities before the war. One of the scenes was about the Germans entering Kiev. They needed there a lot of people and it happened that I also decided to participate and to experience the filming process. It is worth to do if you’re curious and have nothing else to do :)


They asked to bring my own clothes so I found some old ones that fit to the time at home.  At 7 am I was there with my fiancé, we changed clothes and went to hairdressers. The hairdressers had a really tiresome job: to make the hair to a hundred of people in one hour and then to run around the whole day to correct it.

The conditions of the work of extra players (and us among them) were also not very good. The filming day was supposed to last from 7am to 7 pm. We were not allowed to leave the street where the shooting took place even for the break. So very soon we were hungry and exhausted. There were some clever experienced people who brought the food with them, but we were not between them. There was tea, coffee, water and some cookies for free, but one can’t live one this the whole day. Finally we could escape and go to McDonald’s nearby. It was funny to eat there wearing such clothes.


The filming process itself was also very tiring: to do the same actions many many times the whole day. How people survive doing this every day? I don’t understand.  Of course we finished not at 7 but about 8 or 9 pm. And of course everybody (hundred or some hundreds of players?) wanted to enter the building to change clothes and to take money at the same time. The queue was unreal. Our people would definitely win “the most chaotic and quarreling queue” prize. So we left the filming place to have a walk and to eat something. It was a strange feeling to walk around the center of the city in our costumes :) I felt myself very silly. Anyway we came back around 10 or 10.30 pm, there was almost nobody left. So we could change the clothes and take the money easily. Finally the day was over. I have never been so exhausted! I can’t imagine this poor girl leading these crowd scenes every single day: to come before everybody, to explain what to do to this stupid people and to leave after everybody.

Of course I also liked to do this. I always wanted to know how it is going on, this filming process. So I’m satisfied :) But I would not like to do it again, it’s too stressful for me.

Photos from our filming day.