The “real” Germany and “I’ll be back”

Traveling to Ukraine, hardly learning German, getting certificate B1, visiting family, going to a campleader’s seminar and just being lazy – that’s how I was spending my time all those months I haven’t written anything in my blog. But I never forgot about it.

Right now I only want to share one impression from the place the mentioned above seminar took place at: a small town Niederkaufungen in the near of Kassel. Before coming to Germany I had a certain image of this country. But I’m living here already for many months and I have seen nothing of what I expected. And only this Niederkaufungen absolutely corresponds to my image from the past. At least somewhere Germany looks like my Germany!

niederkaufungen3 niederkaufungen1 niederkaufungen2

Tomorrow I’m leaving again, to the Balkans, so no more blog posts for at least two-three weeks. But I will come back, I promise! And with a lot of new topics to write about :)



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