A little bit of Russia in Germany: Potsdam and Alexandrovka

I found a city in Germany where I feel myself almost at home. About two weeks ago we have visited Potsdam. As it is the capital of the Brandenburg State, we had to go there for some documents in State Ministry of inner affairs.  Everything started in this Ministry. There were signs in Russian and they offered the handbooks about integration in German and Russian.

On the streets of Potsdam we met many times Russian speaking people that were the inhabitants of the city (naturally there were a lot of Russian tourists too). Some signs there were also in my language.

So we were not very surprised to discover a Russian village: Russische Kolonie Alexandrowka. The village is situated in the north of Potsdam and includes several Russian style houses, huge fruits garden and an orthodox church. The village has been built in 1826 by order of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm III and named after the Russian emperor Alexander I. Till 1945 the families of Russian soldiers and their ancestors lived there. Now the Russian colony Alexandrovka is an architectural memorial site included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

So Russians were in Potsdam long time ago and no wonder that they still keep coming :) I would also like to stay living in this city full of history and beautiful sites.


2 thoughts on “A little bit of Russia in Germany: Potsdam and Alexandrovka

  1. this is really cool! Great post!

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